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Youth Open Gym Information - Basketball and Volleyball

Adult Open Gym Information - Basketball and Volleyball



Mini Champs Baseball (MCB) will take place on the football field grass.  Most games will be played Saturday at the same time - 10:00am to 11:30am - on multiple fields. We did schedule one Wednesday regular season game this year.  Should inclement weather keep us from playing on one of those Saturdays, the make dates are scheduled on those other Wednesdays and can be seen below.  All of the Wednesday game times will start at 6:00pm and end at 7:30pm.

The MCB league is set-up with 2 divisions:  T-Ball League (ages 4 and 5) and a Coach Pitch League (ages 6 and 7).  It is open to both boys and girls.  The concept behind MCB is to help teach the basic fundamentals of baseball - proper throwing techniques, proper catching techniques, proper batting techniques and understanding where and why the outs can be made on defense.  The league is a great 1st step for kids in the T-Ball League and also a great 2nd step as kids advance to the Coach Pitch stage.  The 1st 30 minutes will be practice time with the kids followed by an hours worth of game time.

We realize that many kids would like to play together when playing sports, especially at Holy Spirit.  We can allow for up to 4 requests to play together on one team.  If you are wanting to play with another family - please make sure that you request that on the comment section.  Please remember that all requests are not guaranteed, but we will certainly do our best to accommodate all of those requests.

The cost per player is $55.  If you are registering 2 family members the total cost is $90.  If you are registering 3 or more family members the total cost is $120.

When you go through the registration page, you will need to click on the $55 box at the end and then proceed to register your next child.  At the end when you click on the shopping cart tab, it will list out your multiple child discount at that time.  Again, when you see your credit card statement - it will read HSG Athletics in the line with the charged amount.

All participants will be given a team hat and jersey and at the conclusion of the last game the players will receive their trophy as well.

Sport Day Year Date Info
Mini-Champs Baseball Saturday 2018 21-Apr MCB Game 1
Mini-Champs Baseball Wednesday 2018 25-Apr MCB Game 2
Mini-Champs Baseball Saturday 2018 28-Apr MCB Game 3
Mini-Champs Baseball Wednesday 2018 2-May Make Up date if Games 1, 2 or 3 are rained out
Mini-Champs Baseball Saturday 2018 5-May MCB Game 4
Mini-Champs Baseball Saturday 2018 12-May MCB Game 5
Mini-Champs Baseball Wednesday 2018 16-May Make Up date if Games 4 or 5 are rained out
Mini-Champs Baseball Saturday 2018 19-May MCB Game 6
Mini-Champs Baseball Wednesday 2018 23-May Make Up date if game 6 is rained out


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Mini Champs Baseball